Curtin Law School

Curtin University’s new Law school offers students hands on learning with working professionals, equipped with education facilities and office space for professional practitioners. This Heritage building located on Murray street Perth, has a dark history. It once housed the public health sector and it's involvement in the stigmatization of victims with tuberculosis (incurable at the time), and was also used by officials who were involved with the treatment and oppression of Aborigines. Given its former use my concept derived from Stigma - A powerful emotion driven by prejudice from ones lack of understanding, fear, and uncertainty. In a less serious affect through my design, I wanted to reveal and alleviate stigma within us. To create a sense of the unknown through ambiguity, playing on emotion and fear, using forms that are slightly grotesque, but beautiful. Challenging the visitor’s initial perception of things from unfamiliar to familiar, and therefore alleviating stigma.